South Sudan National Bureau Of Standards

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Directorate of Metrology


Metrology is simply the science and practice of measurements and weights.
Main Activities of Metrology
! Definition of International accepted unit of measurement
! The realization of this unit of measurements practice
! Application of chain of traceability linking measurement reference

Classification of Metrology at SSNBS

Fundamental Metrology

  • Establish measurements
  • Realization of measurement standards
  • Transfer of traceability

Legal Metrology

  • Reegulation and statutory
  • Awareness about the use of SI units
  • Market surveilence
  • Verification of meausring

Industrial Metrology

  • Estblish national standards of
  • Achieve accreditation to ISO
  • Traceability of national
  • Testing of fuel quality range

Metrology lab at the SSNBS

  1. Fuel quality range testing
  2. Instrument calibration
  3. Volume calibration
  4. Dimensional Inspection
  5. Medical equipment calibration
  6. Venire caliper calibration
  7. Chemical Analysis
  8. Nondestructive testing
  9. Metallurgical testing corrosion testing