South Sudan National Bureau Of Standards

Our Quality Is Our Pride

Policy goal: To provide and maintain appropriate acceptable standards for the promotion of business, investment and trade

Strategic Objectives

 To create an enabling environment for business and investment


  1. a) Ensure developing national standards


  • Formation of technical committees for development of national standards
  • Conduct workshops and seminars acceptable standards
  • Adoption, declaration and gazetting of national Standards
  • Participate in regional and international conferences on standardization
  1. b) To promote standardization


  • Development of policy manuals and operating procedures
  • Promote standardisations in all Government institutions
  • Maintain a library of standards and related documentation
  • Organize training services in SQMT in related subject
  1. c) Provide for the development of technical regulations, SPS measures and compulsory specifications to ensure safety and quality of products and services and protection of the environment.


  • Set up technical committees for the development of technical regulations, compulsory specifications and SPS measures
  • Promotion close cooperation and coordination between the Government institutions in the declaration and enforcement of technical regulations
  • Provide for TBT and SPS notifications and enquires
  1. d) To enhance revenue generation


  • Sale of standards
  • Provide system certification, training and consultancy services